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Why Join a Food Drive Coalition?

Being part of a coalition:

  • is an excellent way for your company to help the community in a very visible manner, and thus, creating better ties to the community.

  • provides the opportunity for networking and improving business relationships, as well as unifying colleagues in one industry.

  • helps coworkers to see each other in a different environment (e.g. seeing the manager in shorts and a t-shirt loading cans into a truck) and have fun together.

In addition, coalitions garner publicity on radio and TV on Food Drive Day.

How Is a Food Drive Coalition Organized?

  • One coordinator from each company attends the coalition meetings, then takes ideas and challenges back to his/her company.

  • Coalitions usually meet once a month, starting in January. However, it is up to each coalition to decide when and how often to meet.

  • Coalition members coordinate a delivery of all donations on Food Drive Day (April 13, 2019) at the Waterfront (formerly Restaurant Row) location.

  • Coalition members encourage volunteers to sign up at a site in their community of Food Drive Day.

How Long Is the Commitment?

The commitment is to just one Food Drive, but we hope you will renew your commitment to help feed Hawaii’s hungry each year!

What Do I Have to Do?

  • Attend coalition meetings and, if you can, the Kickoff Breakfast on January 24, 2019

  • Motivate others in your company and industry to get involved.

  • Share creative ideas and brainstorm on how to collect food and raise funds.

  • Set goals for your company and report at coalition meetings the status of your drive.

  • Encourage 100% participation at your company.

Why Are Food Drive Coalitions So Important?

Each year, coalitions provide a solid foundation for the Food Drive by organizing and motivating members of their industries to collect money and food during the weeks leading up to the Food Drive Day in April. It is the work of these coalitions that really makes the Food Drive a success.